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  SOFA Library Issue 2001-03-31 for Fortran 77

This is the master page for the SOFA Library Issue 2001-03-31 for Fortran 77. From here you can find your way to all the resources comprising this Issue, including notes and source download pages.


Issue 2001-03-31 is the first release of the SOFA Library for Fortran 77.


The complete SOFA Library source set is available in a single download bundle for Unix, Macintosh or Windows systems. This is the preferred method of obtaining the SOFA Library. The Fortran SOFA Library Issue 2003-04-39 is available to download in various formats.

Please note: Tarballs contain files with Unix line-terminations and Zip archives contain files with DOS line-terminations. Please download the appropriate file for your operating system.


The SOFA product documentation is available in plain ASCII text files to guarantee platform independence.The manual may be downloaded as a single file or in sections if you prefer.

  • Complete manual [ASCII] (139462 bytes).
Sections (in order):
  • Title page [ASCII].
  • Introduction [ASCII].
  • Vector/Matrix library [ASCII].
  • Astronomy Library [ASCII].
  • Routine descriptions (Complete manual only).
  • Copyright notice [ASCII].
  • Constants [ASCII].
  • SOFA Board [ASCII].


The source for the SOFA Library may be viewed from the complete list index. In addition the routines are indexed by section and subsection:
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