Complete List of Routines

This is the complete list of routines for SOFA Library Issue 2001-03-31 for Fortran 77.

A2AF Decompose radians into d ' "
A2TF Decompose radians into hms
ANP Normalize radians to range 0 to 2pi
ANPM Normalize radians to range -pi to +pi
C2S Unit vector to spherical
CAL2JD Gregorian Calendar to Julian Day Number
CP Copy p-vector
CPV Copy pv-vector
CR Copy r-matrix
D2TF Decompose days into hms
DAT Delta(AT) (=TAI-UTC) for a given UTC date
EPB Julian Date to Besselian Epoch
EPB2JD Besselian Epoch to Julian Date
EPJ Julian Date to Julian Epoch
EPJ2JD Julian Epoch to Julian Date
EPV00 Earth position and velocity
EQEQ94 Equation of the equinoxes, IAU 1994
FK52H Transform FK5 star data into the Hipparcos frame
FK5HIP FK5 orientation and spin with respect to Hipparcos
FK5HZ FK5 to Hipparcos assuming zero Hipparcos proper motion
GMST82 Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time, IAU 1982
H2FK5 Transform Hipparcos star data into the FK5 frame
HFK5Z Hipparcos to FK5 assuming zero Hipparcos proper motion
IR Initialize r-matrix to identity
JD2CAL Julian Date to Gregorian year, month, day, fraction
JDCALF Julian Date to Gregorian date for formatted output
NUT80 Nutation, IAU 1980
NUTM80 Nutation matrix, IAU 1980
OBL80 Mean obliquity, IAU 1980
P2PV Append zero velocity to p-vector
P2S p-vector to spherical
PAP Position angle from p-vectors
PAS Position angle from spherical coordinates
PDP Inner (=scalar=dot) product of two p-vectors
PLAN94 Major-planet position and velocity
PM Modulus of p-vector
PMAT76 Precession matrix, IAU 1976
PMP p-vector minus p-vector
PN Normalize p-vector returning modulus
PNM80 Precession/nutation matrix, IAU 1976/1980
PPP p-vector plus p-vector
PPSP p-vector plus scaled p-vector
PREC76 Precession, IAU 1976
PV2P Discard velocity component of pv-vector
PV2S pv-vector to spherical
PVDPV Inner (=scalar=dot) product of two pv-vectors
PVM Modulus of pv-vector
PVMPV pv-vector minus pv-vector
PVPPV pv-vector plus pv-vector
PVSTAR Star position+velocity vector to catalog coordinates
PVU Update pv-vector
PVUP Update pv-vector discarding velocity
PVXPV Outer (=vector=cross) product of two pv-vectors
PXP Outer (=vector=cross) product of two p-vectors
RM2V r-matrix to r-vector
RV2M r-vector to r-matrix
RX Rotate r-matrix about x
RXP Product of r-matrix and p-vector
RXPV Product of r-matrix and pv-vector
RXR r-matrix multiply
RY Rotate r-matrix about y
RZ Rotate r-matrix about z
S2C Spherical to unit vector
S2P Spherical to p-vector
S2PV Spherical to pv-vector
S2XPV Multiply pv-vector by two scalars
SEPP Angular separation from p-vectors
SEPS Angular separation from spherical coordinates
STARPM Proper motion between two epochs
STARPV Star catalog coordinates to position+velocity vector
SXP Multiply p-vector by scalar
SXPV Multiply pv-vector by scalar
TR Transpose r-matrix
TRXP Product of transpose of r-matrix and p-vector
TRXPV Product of transpose of r-matrix and pv-vector
ZP Zero p-vector
ZPV Zero pv-vector
ZR Initialize r-matrix to null
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