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  Changes for SOFA Issue: 2009-12-31

  1. Addition of five new routines for Geocentric/Geodetic transformations to both Fortran 77 and C libraries.
  2. Where appropriate, Julian and Besselian epochs such as J2000 and B1900 have had the conventional ".0" added. About one third of the routines were affected by this cosmetic change.
  3. Both sets of code now includes SOFA release identification.
  4. Change of e-mail address for SOFA Center.
  5. Copyright/license statement amended.
  6. Cosmetic changes and code improvements to dat.for, fk5hz.for, nut00a.for, starpv.for, trxp.for and trxpv.for
  7. Cosmetic changes and code improvements to cal2jd.c, dat.c, fk5hz.c, nut00b.c, s06.c, sofa.h, starpv.c and xy06.c.
  8. Test programs t_sofa_f.for and t_sofa_c.c expanded and improved.

  Revisions: 2010-01-25

  1. Addition of WGS72 reference ellipsoid to eform.for and eform.c.
  2. Code change in gd2gc.for and gd2gc.c to use routine ZP to zeroize vector.
  3. Correct name of routine for inverse transformation in comments of gc2gd.for, gc2gd.c, gd2gc.for and gd2gc.c.
  4. bp00.for, bp00.c, bpn2xy.for, bpn2xy.c, c2i00a.for, c2i00a.c, c2i00b.for, c2i00b.c, c2ibpn.for, c2ibpn.c, pn00a.for, pn00a.c, pn00b.for, pn00b.c, pn00.for, pn00.c, s00a.for, s00a.c, s00b.for, s00b.c, s00.for, s00.c, s06a.for, s06a.c - correction to Astronomy & Astrophysics reference.
  5. Correction to comment in pnm80.c.
  6. Test programs t_sofa_f.for and t_sofa_c.c updated.
  7. Correct typos in manual.lis and intro.lis.

  Revisions: 2010-01-27

  1. Test programs t_sofa_f.for and t_sofa_c.c have been updated to provide correct verification of EFORM, GC2GD and GD2GC.
  2. The Fortran makefile has been updated.
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