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  Changes for SOFA Issue: 2008-03-01

  1. Two routines have been changed so as to affect behaviour, namely dat.for and h2fk5.for. The change to dat.for updates the release year. The change to h2fk5.for corrects a serious bug, which led to erroneous proper motions being returned.
  2. One routine has been changed without affecting behaviour, namely, xy06.for.
  3. Cosmetic changes have been made to a2af.for, epv00.for, eors.for, eqeq94.for, fad03.for, faf03.for, fal03.for, falp03.for, faom03.for, fk5hip.for, fw2m.for, fw2xy.for, gmst00.for, gmst82.for, gst00a.for, gst06.for, gst94.for, jd2cal.for, nut00a.for, nut00b.for, plan94.for, pn00b.for, pr00.for, prec76.for, pvstar.for and starpv.for.
  4. The remaining source files have been updated to reflect the copyright year.
  5. Membership and affiliations of board members have been updated.
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