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  Changes for SOFA Issue: 2007-08-10

  1. 39 new routines have been added to implement the IAU 2006 precession model.
  2. A "cookbook" explaining how to use the SOFA routines that address Earth attitude (precession-nutation, Earth rotation etc.), has been added: sofa_pn.pdf.
  3. Changes in nomenclature have made one routine, C2TCEO, obsolete. It has been replaced by C2TCIO.
  4. Improvements to text and layout.
  5. Download formats are optimized for particular operating systems. Tarballs contain files with Unix line-terminations and Zip archives contain files with DOS line-terminations.


  1. A minor typographical error in the documentation for the routine iau_PPSP was corrected on 2007 August 20th. This correction has no effect on the operation of the routine.
  2. The released version of iau_JDCALF failed to set the OK (zero) status. This was corrected on 2007 August 28th. The correction does not affect the computed output.
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