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  Vector/Matrix Library - Operations on Vectors

This is the index page for the Operations on Vectors section of the Vector/Matrix Library for SOFA Library Issue 2021-05-12 for Fortran 77. The Operations on Vectors section includes the following routines:

Operations involving p-vectors and r-matrices

PPP p-vector plus p-vector
PMP p-vector minus p-vector
PPSP p-vector plus scaled p-vector
PDP Inner (=scalar=dot) product of two p-vectors
PXP Outer (=vector=cross) product of two p-vectors
PM Modulus of p-vector
PN Normalize p-vector returning modulus
SXP Multiply p-vector by scalar

Operations involving pv-vectors

PVPPV pv-vector plus pv-vector
PVMPV pv-vector minus pv-vector
PVDPV Inner (=scalar=dot) product of two pv-vectors
PVXPV Outer (=vector=cross) product of two pv-vectors
PVM Modulus of pv-vector
SXPV Multiply pv-vector by scalar
S2XPV Multiply pv-vector by two scalars
PVU Update pv-vector
PVUP Update pv-vector discarding velocity
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