Astronomy Library - Precession/Nutation/Polar Motion

This is the index page for the Precession/Nutation/Polar Motion section of the Astronomy Library for SOFA Library Issue 2005-09-01 for Fortran 77. The Precession/Nutation/Polar Motion section includes the following routines:

BI00 Frame bias, ICRS to mean J2000, IAU 2000
BP00 Frame bias and precession matrices, IAU 2000
BPN2XY Bias-precession-nutation matrix given CIP
C2I00A Celestial-to-intermediate matrix, IAU 2000A
C2I00B Celestial-to-intermediate matrix, IAU 2000B
C2IBPN Celestial-to-intermediate matrix given b-p-n
C2IXY Celestial-to-intermediate matrix given CIP
C2IXYS Celestial-to-intermediate matrix given CIP and s
C2T00A Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix, IAU 2000A
C2T00B Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix, IAU 2000B
C2TCEO Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix, CEO-based
C2TEQX Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix, classical
C2TPE Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix given nutation
C2TXY Celestial-to-terrestrial matrix given CIP
NUM00A Nutation matrix, IAU 2000A
NUM00B Nutation matrix, IAU 2000B
NUMAT Nutation matrix, generic
NUT00A Nutation, IAU 2000A
NUT00B Nutation, IAU 2000B
NUT80 Nutation, IAU 1980
NUTM80 Nutation matrix, IAU 1980
OBL80 Mean obliquity, IAU 1980
PMAT00 Precession matrix (including frame bias), IAU 2000
PMAT76 Precession matrix, IAU 1976
PN00 b,p,n matrices, IAU 2000, given nutation
PN00A b,p,n matrices, IAU 2000A
PN00B b,p,n matrices, IAU 2000B
PNM00A Classical-to-true, (b-p-n) matrix, IAU 2000A
PNM00B Classical-to-true, (b-p-n) matrix, IAU 2000B
PNM80 Precession/nutation matrix, IAU 1976/1980
POM00 Polar-motion matrix, IAU 2000
PR00 Adjustments to IAU 1976 precession, IAU 2000
PREC76 Precession, IAU 1976
S00 The quantity s, IAU 2000, given CIP
S00A The quantity s, IAU 2000A
S00B The quantity s, IAU 2000B
SP00 The quantity s', IERS 2000
XYS00A CIP and s, IAU 2000A
XYS00B CIP and s, IAU 2000B
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